Important News

The shop will be closed all day Sunday 4 June.

Address: 60 Palmerston St, Melton.
Phone: 9743-4805

NORMAL Trading Hours
Monday: Closed.
Tuesday: Closed.
Wednesday: 9am to 4pm.
9am to 10pm.  Late Night Gaming.
Friday: 9am to 9pm.  Magic FNM Booster Draft.
Saturday: 9am to 4pm. (Sometimes close earlier)
Sunday: 9am to 4pm. (Sometimes close earlier)

Trading hours may sometimes vary, without notice, particularly late Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

If the shop’s door is locked and the security screens are down, that means the shop is closed.  Come back another time.

Special Events (in calendar order)

Armada: 600 Points
Date:  Saturday 17 June.
Time:  9:00am.
Entry fee:  $10.
600 Points.
Three rounds.

Other Scheduled Events

Final Fantasy: Standard Constructed
Date:  Most Sundays.
Time:  9:30am.
Entry fee:  $10.
Swiss rounds.  Booster prizes and promo cards for all.

Flesh and Blood: Casual Blitz
Date:  Most Sundays.
Time:  1pm.
Entry fee:  $15.
Blitz Decks
Two boosters per player into the prize pool.
Some of an Armoury kit contents will also be added to the prize pool.

Magic: Casual Commander
Date:  Every Thursday Night.
Time:  From 5pm.
Play casual games of Commander.

Magic: Friday Night Magic Draft
Date:  Every Friday Night.
Time:  7pm sharp to around 10pm.
Entry fee:  $28 for normal drafts.
Three Swiss rounds.
Booster prizes will be awarded to all players, top finishers will win more.
Some Promo Packs will be used for extra prize support.
The FNM Booster Prize Jackpot is also up for grabs!

  • "Death to the enemy! Death to the false Emperor!"