About us

Tezza’s Games is a story about a man. A man who had a dream. In this dream, he was the Queen of Scotland. In another dream he had, he wanted to own a store to sell and play games. The most awesome store to sell and play games at.

After many many years of playing various table top, card and board games, he finally decided that it was time to let the great folks of Melton have a piece of game-dom.

Tezza’s Games is owned and run by Tezza himself. With support for many other of his close allies in battle, Tezza’s Games is set to be best game shop ever to exist. EVER. EVER!*

Tezza insists that when you are in the shop that you enjoy yourself and have fun. Respect your opponents and the shop and you will have an AWESOME time!



*Subject of “best” is interpreted by Tezza himself and all other interpretations that do not include Tezza’s Games as being the best, are wrong.┬áThis page was not written by Tezza. Tezza refuses to discuss how AWESOME his shop is. It’s AWESOME to be humble.

  • "Death to the enemy! Death to the false Emperor!"