Our Stuff

X-Wing, Armada, FFG Games.
We play X-Wing, Armada and also stock other games by Fantasy Flight.

Magic: The Gathering
We run Friday Night Magic (FNM), Prerelease events for new sets, Game Days for new sets and Buy-A-Box Promos for new sets.
Friday Night is FNM Booster Draft where we draft the current set.
We sell a large range of Boosters along with all kinds of card accessories such as sleeves, folders and deck boxes.

Games Workshop
We stock a large range of Games Workshop products, including the full range of 145 Citadel paints.

Dungeons & Dragons
We stock almost the full range of current D&D products. Feel free to come in with your gaming group and play in the shop. With enough interest, we will be glad to host official DCI D&D events, such as Encounters, etc.

Board Games
We have a range of many popular board games.

Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon
We stock YuGiOh and Pokemon.

Pop Culture Items
There are a few other items of Pop Culture items in the shop. In time, we will add some other bits and pieces that we find interesting and hope that you will as well.

We are always looking to slowly grow our product range. New toys are always exciting to see!


  • "Death to the enemy! Death to the false Emperor!"